In the late medieval period, the name “Giardino di Delizie” was used to describe the gardens of medical plants cultivated around monastries. Later, at the rise of the so called Signorie, these spaces were transformed into places of pleasure and business and were usually  located close to villas, castles and monastries. It was in particularly the Medici family who managed to create imaginative and refined gardens around Florence, real masterpieces where the study of plants became an art.

The water with brilliant and creative solutions became the undisputed first lady of these places. The fountains and ponds full of fish were the centre of amazement and  pleasure of these new gardens where the original architecture became a sort of a symbol of a new life style. Beside the waterworks these gardens were decorated with the works of art of different kind, in particularly with the ancient sculptures, and thus they delighted its visitors and constituted an inspiration for the talented artists of the time visiting these amazing places.